Monday, January 21st, 2019
India's No1 magazine dedicated to smokeless tobacco, perfume and allied industry

Tobacco Plus is industry’s No.1 B2B Magazine and a window to smokeless tobacco, pan-masala, fragrance and all other allied industries. the magazine is published monthly in hindi language.

Tobacco Plus gets you closer to the stories that matter- be it through industry news, market surveys, profiles or interviews of industrypeople like manufacturers, distributors, perfumers amd paan shops

founded in 2001, tobacco Plus is promoted by Mr. M.A. Farooqui. Mr. Farooqui has a dynamic personality and with over 25 years of experience in the industry, he has taken the magazine to great heights.

with our head office located in the National Capital Delhi, we have a wide network all across india covering manufacturers. company personnel, raw meterial suppliers, perfumers. wholesalers, distributors, and A-grade Paan Shops.

Our magazine has the best-in-class printing quality and has a pan-india reach. No other magazine in the industry can claim that.

we are a one stop medium to connect to the whole industry. we connect your business to india and bring other businesses to your hands.

So whether you are a raw-material supplier or a manufacturer; whether you want to promote your product or simply have developed a recent interest in this industry, look no further than Tobacco Plus. read it to experience it.

Our iconic magazine is available in both print and digital editions.

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